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Online Classes Curated to Achieve Luxury Wigs

Elevate your skills with our game changing unique techniques

Create A Look with Sheisthebeauty

A total of FOUR courses to help you master the techniques essential to creating unique wigs that sell. Class is in English Language Only.  Please click on Learn More for details of each course. 

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Courses Registration Deadline - 05/15

Pre - Recorded

Beginner friendly with detailed explanation

6 months Replay Access

Discover Our Online Classes

Each course targets a specific technique/skillset however together; they will help you create a unique look that will leave your clients begging for more. You can mix and match the courses depending on the technique you would like to learn.



Free Marketing Class

 If Register by 03/31

Duration: 2 hours

This marketing class is going to help you create a Marketing Plan from scratch for your business. Additionally, it will help you understand how to leverage the various marketing options available to you as an entrepreneur and use them to create a comprehensive Marketing budget. 

Marketing Class
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Why Should You Take Our Online Classes?

Learn at Your Own Pace

Learn on a go on all your devices in the comfort of your home.

Unique Techniques 

Enjoy learning techniques proven to sell Luxury wigs.